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Frequently Asked Questions

I have information about a photo in this collection. How do I share what I know?

Please feel free to contact us with any information about the who, what, where, when or anything about any of the photos in the collection. Please refer to the photo's Identifier number found in the details section below the photo. We'd love to hear from you! 

How can I submit photos for this collection?

Please contact us to set up an appointment for your donation. We do require a signed release form. You must be the owner of the photograph, with the rights to let us make a copy for the world to see.

How do you choose photos for this collection?

Burbank in Focus collects images that depict life in Burbank and represent Burbank’s heritage, including but not limited to:

• Historical Burbank places – Local businesses, movie studios, hospitals, religious institutions, schools, wineries, parks, airports, malls, the Equestrian Center, neighborhood streets, aerial photos.
• Historical Burbank events – Parades, groundbreakings, community events (tree lightings, Easter Egg hunts, Memorial Day programs), World War II camouflage, sporting events, and historic Burbank modes of transportation including Red Cars, early planes, early automobiles, horses.
• Historical Burbank people – Community group photos, service clubs, Burbank political figures, celebrities in Burbank, Burbank residents receiving awards.

Burbank in Focus is a living collection and as such, photos do not need to be from a specific time period to be included. The use and/or storage of donated images is at the Library’s discretion.

If I donate a photo to you, do I get it back?

If you donate a photo, we only ask to scan your original. You will retain the physical item. We can provide you with a digital copy for your own safekeeping.

Can I email you my digital photos?

To accept your photos, we need a signed release form. We also need to make sure digital photos are the right size so that they display properly online. If you are interested in donating digital photos, please contact Burbank in Focus.

Are these photos available for purchase?

Burbank in Focus is a free, educational resource. There are no plans to sell photos at this time.