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Burbank Mayors Portraits

Official city portraits of Burbank mayors.

Burbank Mayor (1911-1912) Thomas Story
Thomas Story served as the first Mayor of Burbank from 1911-1912. From notes on photo: “Thomas Story 1911-1913” He was born in Waterloo, New York on June 7, 1851 and died in Burbank, California on April 16, 1937.
Burbank Mayor (1912) Charles J. Forbes
Charles Forbes served as Mayor in 1912. From notes on photo: “Charles Forbes 1911-1912." Charles John Forbes was born in Bellflower, Illinois on August 28, 1869 and died in Tulare, California on July 30, 1928.
Burbank Mayor (1912-1914) Charles H. Kline
Charles Kline served as Mayor from 1912-1914. From notes on photo: “Charles Kline 1912-1920." Charles Henry Kline was born in Niagara County, New York on September 15, 1868 and died in Burbank, California on October 23, 1929.
Burbank Mayor (1914-1922) William Blanchard
William Blanchard served as Mayor from 1914-1922. “William Blanchard 1914-1922”
Burbank Mayor (1922-1926) James Crawford
James Crawford served as Mayor from 1922-1926. From notes on photo: “James Crawford 1922-1926." James Crawford was born in Ohio on June 12, 1884 and died in Los Angeles, California on September 14, 1958.
Burbank Mayor (1926-1927) John D. Radcliff
John Radcliff served as Mayor from 1926-1927. From notes on photo: “John Radcliff 1926-1929." John D. Radcliff was born in December 8, 1868 in Kansas and died February 2, 1957 in Los Angeles, California. See Obituary in 1957 February Burbank Daily Review.
Burbank Mayor (1927-1929) James T. Lapsley
James Lapsley served as Mayor from 1927-1929. From notes on photo: “James Lapsley 1926-1949." James Thomas Lapsley was born in Mercer, Kentucky on December 15, 1879 and died in Santa Barbara, California on October 22, 1965.
Burbank Mayor (1929-1931) Harvey E. Bruce
Harvey Bruce served as Mayor from 1929-1931. From notes on photo: “Harvey Bruce 1925-1931." Harvey Elmer Bruce was born in 1865 in Oklahoma and died in Los Angeles, California on February 11, 1933.
Burbank Mayor (1931-1933) James Norwood
James Norwood served as Mayor from 1931-1933. From notes on photo: “James Norwood 1931-1934.” James Norwood was born in Louisiana on August 18, 1892 and died in Los Angeles, California on October 11, 1973.
Burbank Mayor (1933-1934) Mark L. Stanchfield, Sr.
Mark Stanchfield served as Mayor from 1933-1934. From notes on photo: “Mark Stanchfield 1931-1934." Mark Lawrence Stanchfield, Sr. was born in Pomona, California on June 3, 1892 and died in Inyo County, California on October 6, 1949.
Burbank Mayor (1934) Eugene Goss
Eugene Goss served as Mayor in 1934. From notes on photo: “Eugene Goss 1933-1937." Eugene Goss was born in Texas on August 6, 1891 and died in Los Angeles, California on June 1, 1973.
Burbank Mayor (1934-1941) Frank C. Tillson
Frank Tillson served as Mayor from 1934-1941. From notes on photo: “Frank Tillson 1934-1943." Frank Cephas Tillson was born in Iowa on August 8, 1890 and died in Los Angeles, California on December 20, 1951.