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Video Collection

1950 Burbank History Documentary
A short narrated documentary directed by Paul Wolfe and Peter Wise detailing the highlights of Burbank, specifically with regards to city services and infrastructure.
1986 Aerial Video of Burbank
The aerial video from 1986 shows downtown Burbank right before the Burbank Media Mall was about to be built. Some shots show the cleared space ready for construction.
1986 Burbank Goes Hollywood
The AMC 10 Theater celebrated its groundbreaking on January 22, 1986. It was located on Palm Avenue just south of Golden Mall. It was part of the downtown Burbank revitalization project. The Grand opening took place on December 13, 1986. The building cost $6 million dollars and was a 36,000 square foot building.
1986 Golden Mall Footage
This is video footage taken by the Public Information Office at the Golden Mall. VHS was dated January 22, 1986.
1988 - All ABout Burbank: (04) April
The first ever episode of Burbank's Video Newsletter "All About Burbank."