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Around Burbank: Businesses, Homes, and Streets
Photos of Burbank streets and businesses.
Burbank City Government
The City of Burbank is a municipal corporation established for the purpose of providing a broad range of municipal services to the residents, businesses and property owners of the community. Since 1927, Burbank has operated under the Council-Manager form of city government. As in all democratic institutions, the ultimate power and authority rests with the people. Burbank's citizens elect five members of the City Council, who represent the citizens and enact laws and develop policies on their behalf. Council members are elected for terms of four years. One council member is chosen by the others to serve as Mayor for one year. The City Council appoints a City Manager who is responsible for the daily administration of the City's services. As the Chief Administrator of the municipal government, the City Manager is also responsible for enforcement of ordinances, development of the annual budget, and long range planning. The real strength of the City lies in the awareness of City officials that a city is not static and must be responsive to change. Burbank has maintained a progressive perspective on growth and development which has made it an ideal place to live and to conduct business.
Burbank Events and Organizations Image Collection
Photos of events in and around Burbank not sponsored by the City.
Burbank Mayors Portraits
Official city portraits of Burbank mayors.
Burbank Parks and Recreation
When the ballfields were built at Olive Park in the 1940s, the Burbank Parks and Recreation Department offered baseball for boys and men. Now there are hundreds of teams in the boys', girls', men's and women's baseball/softball leagues. Burbank's 22 parks provide plenty of playing fields, tennis and basketball courts, and tree-shaded lawns. Always receptive to the needs of the residents, the City has expanded opportunities to include a roller hockey rink, skateboarding facilities, soccer fields, swimming pools, and senior activity centers.
Burbank Public Library
Photos of Burbank Public Library facilities, people and events.
Burbank Public Photos Collection
Photos donated to the collection by Burbank residents and others.
Burbank Schools
Photos of Burbank school facilities, employees and students.
The most important thing that makes up Burbank's story is it's people. Everyday people doing everyday things are the true representatives of our City's history.
Transportation Image Collection
Photos of Lockheed and airport facilities and employees, and airplanes.