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Episode 003: Dr. Coulter's Acts of Gallantry

In the book Burbank History a brief mention is made of Dr. F.W. Coulter who went to Buckingham Palace to receive the Distinguished Conduct Medal. What did he do to receive such a prestigious medal, you ask? Listen below to find out!

Transcript of Episode 003 - Dr. Coulter's Acts of Gallantry

PDF of the December 18, 1953 "News from Burbank"

Distinguised Conduct Medal - King George V / WWI version 1   Military Medal - King George V / WWI version


Dr. F.W. Coulter:

Dr. Coulter's personnel record of the First World War 

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Burbank City Directories for the years 1936 - 1954

U.S. Naturalization Records

California Death Index

Battle of Hill 70:

Canadian War Museum article "Hill 70"

Canadian Encyclopedia article "Battle for Hill 70"

Wikipedia article "Battle of Hill 70"

Distinguised Conduct Medal and Military Medal:

Article and description of the Distinguished Conduct Medal

The Distinguished Conduct Medal Awarded to Members of the Canadian Expeditionary Force 1914-1920, by David K. Riddle & Donald G. Mitchell (1991).